Privacy Policy

This page summarises the privacy policy of Lydia Surry trading as LS Beauty & Wellness and includes my website My business is that of a beauty and wellness therapist offering beauty and wellness treatments in Colchester, Essex.

This privacy policy is effective from 25th May 2018.

Website Cookies

Cookies are small text files passed on from our website to your device’s internet browser (a device being a PC, laptop, smartphone, ipad etc.) and an internet browser being Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.)

This website and the software it operates on, uses cookies to make it operate better, remember choices/ selections made, track activity, show a Facebook feed and to collect anonymised analytical information for Google Search Console.

If you visit this website, I will assume you consent to the placing of cookies in your browser. If you do not consent to this, I kindly ask you to discontinue viewing this website and delete cookies from your browser. If cookies are disabled in your browser, you can then view our website cookie free but it, and other websites you visit may not function correctly.

Protection of Personal Data.

During the course of my business activities I may collect personally identifiable customer data/information in hard copy, on computer (emails, files) and via pages/forms on my website.

On my website I may collect:

name, email address and phone number

contact messages

What I may publish on this website:

anonymised customer testimonials

Any data/ information given/sent to me, electronically or otherwise (be that your name , adddress, phone number, email address, image files, document files, contracts, invoices etc) is only used and retained by me for my declared business activities.

Within the limitations of being a small business I always aim to keep personally identifiable customer data/information safe and secure.  Save for what is only absolutely necessary to maintain and host my website I do not share or sell on any names, email addresses, phone numbers or other information with another other third party businesses.

All information received from my customers is only used for my business purposes and is retained for the stated business activities on this website and where necessary in order to comply with government record keeping and reporting requirements.

Data Requests

If you wish to establish what personal data I hold about you, you may submit a request for details. If you no longer wish me to retain and/or use personal data (i.e name, email address, phone or other customer information) I will on request delete such records, providing there is no legal requirement to retain such information.

Get in Touch

If you are in anyway concerned about how I or my website uses your personal data/ information please do get in touch and I will do my best to resolve any issues you have.